About Us

Built for insight teams by an insight agency


To bring hidden data & insights to light, inspire customer-centric decision-making, and elevate insight departments' influence and value.


In 2012, our founder, Oli Hayward, embarked on a personal journey. Frustrated to see valuable data and insights being underused by the people who need them most, he recognized the need to change how we manage and share brand insights. This led to the creation of Enlyta Insights, a software solution dedicated to improving the effectiveness of data and insights.

Our Product Principles

1) Make it Easy

At Enlyta Insights, we're on a mission to make brand tracking data accessible and engaging. Our platform simplifies brand performance reporting and delivers quick insights for better decision-making. No more convoluted processes—just straightforward access to the data you need.

2) Make it Fast

In the fast-paced business world, speed matters. We're committed to rapid insights delivery:

  • Fast to Find: Locate relevant content swiftly from diverse sources.
  • Fast to Understand: Grasp complex data effortlessly.
  • Fast to Publish: Synthesize insights and share them seamlessly.

3) Make it Engaging

Using Enlyta Insights requires a behavioral shift, but we're here to break down barriers. We focus on creating an engaging experience that empowers your team, and your stakeholders, to make data-driven decisions.