Blog | May 3, 2024

Communicating Research Findings to Busy Stakeholders: Strategies Beyond PowerPoint

Communicating Research Findings to Busy Stakeholders

In the words of the legendary advertising guru David Ogilvy, "…most people use PowerPoint like a drunk uses a lamppost – for support rather than for illumination." 

Used correctly, PowerPoint can be a powerful presentation tool. It should ideally serve as a visual aid to enhance what's being said rather than a crutch for a bland and lacklustre presentation.

PowerPoint has its place as a presentation tool and is widely used in business to convey complex ideas and data in an accessible manner, but it has limitations. Many PowerPoint decks suffer from information overload. Standard templates and predictable formats risk boring your audience. Too many slides containing an overwhelming number of words and poorly designed or overly complex graphics can lead to that now familiar term ‘Death by PowerPoint’ – a phenomenon born from the misuse of presentation software, resulting in a disengaged audience. I’m sure we’ve all been there, furtively fiddling with our phones or impatiently waiting for lunch to be delivered while our presenter wades through a deck of uninspiring slides, having ‘lost the room’ after slide 20 of 80…next slide, please!

Breathing new life into insights

PowerPoint can be problematic for Insights teams. Firstly, results delivered in this way can fail to engage your audience due to the limitations previously mentioned. Up until recently, there simply hasn’t been a better alternative way to deliver this information. And so Insights team should be forgiven for persisting with this style of presentation. Secondly, because insights are often buried deep within PowerPoint presentations, stakeholders will often struggle to discover key information quickly. This needle in a haystack situation is why Insights teams often find themselves spending too much time in ‘reactive mode’, responding to numerous ad-hoc data requests. Fortunately, a simpler, more engaging way to present this information is now available.

Insights teams are required to bring data to life, often with well-designed, concise and dynamic content. This allows busy decision makers within organisations to access key information quickly, helping them to understand the bigger picture of brand and business performance, while avoiding the laborious task of having to trawl through elusive disparate and protracted reports.

To achieve this, a far more specialised, interactive and intuitive business intelligence tool is required—one that can transform data into actionable knowledge with speed and simplicity.

Having Enlyta has saved so much time I can’t believe it. Whereas before stakeholders asked for numbers and facts, now they do it themselves. And when they do come to us, they now ask for the WHY, not the WHAT, which is the job we’re supposed to be doing.
Having Enlyta has saved so much time I can’t believe it. Whereas before stakeholders asked for numbers and facts, now they do it themselves. And when they do come to us, they now ask for the WHY, not the WHAT, which is the job we’re supposed to be doing.
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Senior Insight Manager

Elevate Insights. Enlighten Decisions.

Complementing, rather than competing with other BI tools, Enlyta Insights is a brand intelligence platform that enables Insights professionals to maximise the reach, influence, and value of their work, helping their business make better strategic decisions and compete more effectively.

Enlyta is far more than simply a data visualisation tool. Powered by AI, its search, ‘abstractive’ summariser and knowledge library allows your insights to be democratised throughout the business. Anyone within your organisation is now able to transform easily searchable data and reports into attention-grabbing and memorable stories that can be self-published, stored and shared from one central repository. This frees up valuable time for Insights teams to concentrate on what they do best – delivering more value by uncovering further insights and creating new growth opportunities. It gives Insights teams greater visibility, presence and the influence they deserve.

More importantly, it acknowledges the significant impact Insights professionals have on improving business performance by reaching previously unexplored audiences and different stakeholders beyond those responsible for commissioning the initial research. This increases the value of Enlyta as more people use it while allowing Insights teams to optimise research expenditure.

So, while traditional presentation tools have their uses and are far from dead and buried, let’s discard with ‘Death by PowerPoint’ and begin breathing new life into your data research by allowing Enlyta to revive Insights and drive it throughout your business so that it becomes a trusted and strategically essential business function.