Blog | May 2, 2024

Transforming Brand Tracking from Reactive Reporting to Proactive Insights

Seeing the big picture

Brand tracking is essential for monitoring a brand's performance and perception in the market. But there's a risk that your business could be wasting valuable time and money on brand tracking studies because your teams need more efficient tools for the job.

An all-too-common complaint from Insights teams is that they often find themselves stuck in 'reactive mode', responding to low-value, ad-hoc stakeholder data requests and generating numerous manual reports.

The Quest for Valuable Insights

Picture the dramatic finale of the Indiana Jones movie "Raiders of The Lost Ark." The Ark of the Covenant, safeguarding the remnants of the Ten Commandments, is rolled away and concealed in an enormous, secret warehouse.

Do you ever find yourself on a quest for valuable insights, similar to hunting for buried treasure within a cluttered SharePoint that hides a complex 100-slide report? This analogy isn't far from the reality faced by many Insight teams, who spend countless hours manually creating PowerPoint reports. In addition to being time-consuming to produce, these reports often fail to present data in an easily interpretable manner, leaving marketing stakeholders struggling to access the specific data they require efficiently.

The process can feel like an endless excavation, requiring experts in their respective fields of archaeology and data insights to locate and unearth valuable information. But instead of revealing the whole story, they are often stuck in 'reactive mode', responding to unexpected, urgent data queries and additional requests for specific cuts. This cycle consumes valuable time and resources, preventing Insight teams from interpreting the commercial impact of numbers and strategically guiding Brand & Marketing teams.

If this sounds familiar, fear not—the Quest for the Holy 'Insights' Grail may well be over.

From Data Overload to Enlightened Decision-Making

Enlyta Insights is a brand intelligence platform designed to make brand tracking data more engaging and easier to use. Democratizing your data enables stakeholders to easily self-serve, freeing up your insights teams to focus on revealing additional insights, generating new growth opportunities, and optimizing research spending.

With Enlyta, you can finally say goodbye to one-size-fits-all reporting. Busy brand and marketing teams can use Enlyta's templated, curated dashboards to self-serve the latest KPIs and take a snapshot of competitive performance. And for more custom analysis, Chart Builder makes it easy for anyone to visualize the specific data they need. Enlyta gives stakeholders an intuitive way to access complex data without relying on your insights teams. Additional features include: 

  • Hiding data with low base sizes.
  • Reporting significant differences.
  • Seeing dynamic brand rankings.
  • Making subgroup and country comparisons.
  • Exporting everything to fully editable PowerPoint charts in your company template.

The Power of Storytelling in Data

Finding and telling the stories in your data has never been easier with Enlyta. Storytelling tools help insight teams create attention-grabbing, engaging and digestible insight stories your stakeholders will love. The reach of your insights can then be measured with engagement analytics.

Enlyta supercharges brand and marketing teams, delivering swift and effortless access to essential data for discovering vital customer and competitive insights. Armed with this intelligence, they can elevate your brand strategy, develop new products, craft compelling marketing messages, and improve the overall customer experience.

The Future of Brand Tracking and Customer Insights

As businesses continue to evolve, embracing these tools is not just a choice but a necessity to thrive in the competitive landscape and build a resilient, impactful brand.

Discover how Enlyta can unlock the full potential of your brand tracking programme, free up valuable time for your insights team, boost customer-centricity within your marketing department, and enlighten your business decisions.