Blog | May 3, 2024

Going Beyond Search – The Latest Developments To Amplify Insights

Going beyond search

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", taken from U2’s best-selling, 1987 album The Joshua Tree, sold over 25 million copies worldwide and is often listed as one of the greatest albums ever. It’s also a phrase that, until recently, might have been heard among busy insights and marketing teams while drowning in numerous search and data insights requests. Sticking with the theme of 1980s rock ballads, those same teams are now excitedly declaring that “The Search is Over” (1984 - Survivor ‘Vital Signs’) owing to the rise of the augmented consumer and the trend towards delivering more AI-powered technologies into self-service tools. This includes the development and continuous roll-out of our own generative AI programme. 

Reducing time to insight (TTI), or the time it takes to analyse large amounts of data before arriving at actionable business insights, is an important KPI and the goal for many insights professionals. To help achieve this, greater access to insights is being made available to staff throughout the business. Enabling the democratisation of insights within your organisation empowers users to effortlessly uncover existing research, automating and accelerating the data reporting process more effectively.

Insights and marketing teams are benefitting from this in several ways:

  • Increasing usage and developing the impact of brand tracking data across the business,
  • Saving valuable time by not having to respond to every ad-hoc data request made by a range of stakeholders,
  • Lowering costs by reducing the number of data cut requests from agencies,
  • Maximising value from research investment,
  • Making more effective use of customer insights to improve decision-making and brand growth,
  • Improving visibility and elevating the department’s profile and value within the wider organisation.
With Enlyta, we have really created behavioural change among our stakeholders and among our own team too. Our team has been repositioned – we’re now focused on ‘inspiring’, rather than merely ‘gathering’.
With Enlyta, we have really created behavioural change among our stakeholders and among our own team too. Our team has been repositioned – we’re now focused on ‘inspiring’, rather than merely ‘gathering’.
Head of Consumer Insights

Global Bank

Basic search is limiting

Search and self-service analytics are effective features that allow the delivery of information at speed, without having to rely on busy insights teams. They typically involve user-friendly Business Intelligence tools equipped with basic analytic capabilities and scaled-down data models which allows data access to be simplified and less complicated to understand. While such features are essential, they don’t go far enough and can be limiting in terms of reach and influence. Traditionally, business users with access to analytics dashboards were restricted by having to manually explore data using predefined dashboards. As such, vital information, such as consumer trends could easily be overlooked, not to mention the amount of valuable time lost.

In 2021, Gartner’s forward-looking data and analytics trends article predicted that dashboards within BI tools would be replaced with more advanced AI-powered features, improving capabilities such as conversational natural language querying (NLQ), dynamic storytelling and intelligent visualisation. This would allow automated and dynamically generated insights to be customised and delivered to a user’s point of consumption.

A generative AI journey

Enlyta Insights has not only reached these milestones, but we intend to go beyond them. We have already made it easy for anyone to discover the insights they need with an intuitive knowledge library, AI search experience and document summariser. This is just the starting point on our generative AI journey. Our recently launched ‘abstractive’ summariser creates unique and concise summaries of documents in relation to your search, as opposed to delivering the relevant passage, which allows you identify relevant content even faster. While our Immersive Story Builder allows key stakeholders to consume information more interactively, helping to break down complex information and make more informed decisions.

We are looking forward to rolling out additional features that will offer greater flexibility and power, allowing you and your clients to manage insight discovery with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

For example, imagine the ability to customise the style, length, and thematic focus of a summary or load multiple reports for Enlyta to identify overarching themes. Furthermore, Enlyta will soon be able to automatically generate stories. Watch this space for further news.

Without wishing to sound like a stuck record, and an excuse to squeeze in one more 80s hit, Enlyta is continuing to add powerful new knowledge management features, allowing users to go beyond basic search. So, ”Don’t Stop Believin’ (1981 – Journey ‘Escape’) when somebody tells you there’s a far more efficient way to enhance the delivery of data insights.